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  What do I get when I buy either 'Check Point R75 Management Essentials - Part 1 or Part 2'?

You are buying the Password/Token to unlock the eBook.

You will be able to immediately download, install and activate the eBook.

The purchase process from this website will present you with a download link after completing payment at PayPal.

The eBook installer is also available for download in links below.

You get an eBook training manual PDF that is installable on a single computer. 

There is a one time registration requirement via the Internet to obtain the password to enable access to the PDF.

The installer does not make any system changes and installs the PDF in the user AppData directory. You must access the eBook using the link created on the desktop or through the Start menu.

Q. I already have the installer package, someone gave it to me. How do I get an activation token?

Purchase the product as normal from this website.

The purchase process will ask for your email address which will be used to confirm your purchase when you run the eBook installer and activate the eBook.

Q. How do I know I have a valid installer exe?

There are two versions of the installer. Files with "_em.exe" & "_cd.exe".

The '_em.exe' version is usually purchased from this website and requires email registration for token creation.

The '_cd.exe' version is sold through 3rd party websites like ebay and amazon. Users are emailed a certificate key to register when installing the ebook.

ebook Installer package & MD5 hash
CP_R75_Management_Essentials_Part1_em.exe  (22.5MB) f97b3ed77388f7dedb0dd8f96735a1f2
CP_R75_Management_Essentials_Part2_em.exe  (10.5MB) 49606affe48db685d1ee3f878f475569

CP_R75_Management_Essentials_Part1_cd.exe   (22.5MB) 8c50a054b18f993d88747c3670167820
CP_R75_Management_Essentials_Part2_cd.exe   (10.5MB) 6ec2412d688c3a724d8749029452835e

Q.   Can I print the eBook contents?


Printed copies are available to training partners for classroom based training.

  I am interested in having an onsite training course, who do I contact?
  Email Support with your initial query and they will ensure that the correct team member will handle you query and get in contact with you to determine you needs and how we can help.
  Do you distribute copies of the virtual machines?


The Check Point virtual machines are SPLAT (Linux) and created when needed as part of the course materials.

The other virtual machines are Windows servers that can be built by anyone with an evaluation copy of Windows 2008R2. Windows XP or Windows 7 can be used for the client PCs.

See the document - Building the Virtual Environment.

Building the virtual environment from scratch takes about 6 - 8 hours.

  Do you supply copies of the Check Point software ISO images?


The Check Point ISO images can be obtained from any authorized reseller. Evaluation software kits are available from Check Point or resellers.

To complete the course materials you only need the SPLAT (SecurePlatform) ISO and the VPN Endpoint client software.

The SmartConsole clients for managing the firewalls are built into the SPLAT installation. If you install a firewall or SmartCenter using SPLAT then you can download the SmartConsole clients using the WebUI.


I paid using a Credit Card at PayPal but did not get a download link or the option to register my email address required for the one time activation when I install the eBook.

What do I need to do?


PayPal do not automatically return you to the vendor website when paying using a Credit Card.  This is a security feature implemented by PayPal.

You must select the vendor link after payment to return to the website to complete the process to get the download link and register your email address.

If you did not select the link to return to the vendor you need to email support at and let them know that you have paid via PayPal but did not get the download link or register your email address.

Support will manually email you the download link and setup the registration for your email address so that you can install and activate the eBook.